mandag den 9. november 2009


It's been 20 years today ... A little less than a year after the fall of the Wall, Roger Waters performed THE WALL live between Potsdamer Platz and the Brandenburg Gate - a location that was part of the former "no-man's land" of the Berlin Wall.

The record had been released 10 years before the fall of the Wall in Berlin, and Pink Floyd had been touring the record in the beginning of the 80's.. The Berlin concert was much, much bigger though as a result of Roger Waters building a 550-foot long and 82-foot high wall, which was broken down in the show!!

350,000 people attended the concert and more than 50 countries broadcasted the event.

The concert was recorded and is sold on DVD.. It's fantastic and I must say - very mooving. I think I will dedicate my day today to The Wall - the movie, and afterwards I'll watch the concert. What a day!

.. And also.. I really don't think David Hasselhoff had anything to do with the fall of the Wall..

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  1. Jeg hørte dig i radioen, da du anbefalede dvd'en og overvejer at købe den til min mor, men kunne så se, at der jo selvfølgelig er flere Pink Floyd-dvd'er.. Er The Wall klart den bedste eller? Altså.. Deres koncert på muren var vel det helt-helt store, så umiddelbart ville jeg tro det, men ville lige høre dig ad, hvis nu du har set de andre? :)