torsdag den 15. oktober 2009

A small present for the holiday..

I received a link today from my good friend Lewis Colston from Playground Music Denmark and I'm very grateful! I clicked on the link and the hair on my arms stood right up!

It's a link for Bon Iver live at the Riverside, October 11th, 2009!!!
Bon Iver performed at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee and RadioMilwaukee was proud to brodcast the performance live and they are happy to be able to share it with you here:


If you don't know Bon Iver yet, you should do yourself a favor and listen to his music. It's heartfelt and beautiful! He is one of my favorite artists at the moment.

His name is Justin Vernon and he broke through with the album "For Emma, For Ever Ago". Read more about him HERE.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hej Le.
    Fantastisk koncert - mange tak for gaven! Var lige ved at tude :)..

    Her er en super god musik blog, hvis du ikke allerede kender den:


  2. Tak for blog anbefaling, Nicklas! Og ros til de fede billeder på phonephotography!